What does the Ticket include?

A branded glass, access to all participating venues, a great line-up of entertainment and approximately 4-6 tastings per venue. If there are pop-up bars at the venues you are visiting there will be additional tastings available.

Can I buy a ticket on the day?

Its likely that tickets will sell out before the festival weekend, so we recommend buying early to avoid missing out. If there are tickets still available on the day then yes, you can buy through the VineHop website but not at a venue.

Do I need to book a bus?

Yes, you need to travel by bus. This can either be a Tour, Shuttle or Private bus (or your own mini bus if it is 12 seats or under). The Mornington Peninsula Shire has stipulated that car parking is not permitted at any of the venues.

Why do I need to book a bus through the VineHop website?

Each venue has limited capacity for buses and people. We need to ensure there is space for buses and people to enter when they arrive. All of our bus drivers and security are in radio contact so they can ensure there is space before each bus arrives. There are also different bus entry points on the festival weekend, so in some instances if you booked your own bus your driver wouldn’t know how to enter or exit the venue.


Where do I collect my glass from?

  • If you are on a Shuttle or Tour, you will collect your glass at the VineHop bus stop before you board the bus.
  • If you are on a Private Bus, collect your glass on your bus.
  • If you have independently booked your own small bus (12 seats or under) you can choose which venue you will pick up your glass. You need to know this when you buy your ticket, so you can enter this information before checkout.

  • If you are on a Shuttle but want to meet at a venue (rather than the VineHop bus stop) you can choose the venue you will be starting at. You need to know this when you buy your ticket, so you can enter this information before checkout.


How long is the Ticket valid?

Saturday 16 November from 11am until – 6pm.

Do I need a Ticket if I am taking the bus?

If you choose a Tour or Shuttle your GA ticket is included in the price, if you are on a Private bus you will need to buy a GA ticket.

Can I buy a GA ticket then add a Tour bus or Shuttle bus later?

No, there is no way of adding a Tour bus or Shuttle bus to a GA ticket at a later date. The Tours and Shuttles are packaged with a GA ticket this year so you will need to buy a whole new ticket if you what to add a bus.


How many tickets can I buy in one transaction?

You can buy up to 57 GA tickets, Tour tickets or Shuttle tickets in one purchase.


How do I access the Pre-Sale tickets?

Ticket sales will open early for our VIP members, you can become a VIP member by subscribing on the website. VIP members can purchase tickets before the general public, making them ‘pre-sale’ the ticket price will remain the same, but you will get first preference/access to the tickets before the general public. On Thursday 01 August VIP members will get a code, which will allow you to access the ticket sales early, this code can be used from midday the following day. Simply enter it into the ticking window and you will be able to purchase tickets before the general public.

Pre-Sale tickets will be open to our VIP members on Friday 02 August, 12pm EST.

On Monday 05 August 12pm remaining tickets will open to the general public.


Will the buses fill up?

Yes, it is likely the buses will sell out. Once the buses fill up we can not open more options, so we recommend booking early to avoid missing out on your preferred bus option.


I’m on a Tour, what order will we visit the venues?

It will depend which bus you end up on as to which venue your tour will start. The order of the venues is the same across all tours, but the starting venue will differ – we could have up to eight buses departing at the same time, all on the same tour, so we need to spread people across venues.

If you want to travel with friends we suggest you wait for them at the VineHop bus stop to ensure you get on the bus together with them. Once you get on the bus together, you will stay with them for the rest of the day.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we do not offer any refunds.


Can I BYO?

Put simply – no.


Can I drink on the bus?

No, none of our bus options permit drinking on the bus. That said there is only a short drive between venues and there will be plenty of drinks flowing once you get to the venues.


What should I bring?

Your ticket(s), some cash, your ID (if you look under 26), a picnic rug (if you want to get comfy) and a great attitude.


What happens if I lose my glass?

Jump on the VineHop website and buy a ‘I lost my glass ticket’, show this e-ticket and your wristband to the warden (in a GREEN VineHop t-shirt) and they will give you a new glass.


What happens if the weather is poor?

You may get wet! This is an outdoor event, so we recommend bringing a coat, umbrella and some sunscreen, goodness knows what weather we can expect in November!

Unless the weather is EXTREME the festival will go ahead. Keep an eye on the VineHop Facebook page if you have any concerns.


Where are the VineHop Stops?

Seaford – Seaford North Recreation Reserve, 50 Railway Parade, Seaford (100m from Seaford Station)

Mornington – Mornington Primary School, 9 Vale Street, Mornington

Dromana – Dromana Recreation Reserve, 47 Pier Street, Dromana

Rosebud – Olympic Park Recreation Reserve, 80 Besgrove Street Rosebud


Will there be ATMs?

There will be an ATM at Red Hill Estate at the Briars and  some venues will also have eftpos. We recommend that you also  have cash with you if you plan on making purchases.


Do I need to print my ticket?

No, Eventbrite e-tickets are just fine.


Can I bring children?

Children can come privately booked buses but not on the Tour or Shuttle buses. If you are bringing children please be aware patrons around your children will be drinking. All children need a Festival Ticket – these are free for children and can be booked when booking your own ticket(s).


My mates are all on a Tour or a Shuttle that’s now sold out, is there any way I can get a ticket to join them?

No, sorry we can’t add any more tickets or seats on a bus once its sold out. If it says ‘sold out’  it means the bus is full. If you get really stuck we may be able to refund your mates and book you all on another option that still has availability for your whole group.


Will there be any further release of tickets?

No, we only release the tickets once. When these tickets are sold out there will be no more released.


Got any more questions?

You can email us directly at info@vinehopfestival.com.au